Metal free Implants


Metal Free Implants

Metal free dental implants are usually made of Zirconia.

Metal free dental implants are commonly made using zirconia, developed by manufacturers specialising in dental devices. Some of the reasons for this include:

  • Metal free implants are often more aesthetically pleasing. Those implants containing metals or metal alloys are usually grey in colour, so they’re more easily noticed.
  • Metal free implants can feel more natural and lighter as they are much closer in density to bone than titanium implants.They’re also more resistant to wear and tear. 
  • Some research has suggested gum tissue stays healthier when metal free dental implants are chosen. Some dental sites where metal implants have been placed may have also experienced bone loss.
  • Some patients develop hypersensitivity to metal implants such as those made from titanium, where metal ions form through wear and tear of the implant. Some alloy implants also contain other metals in addition to titanium, including vanadium and aluminium, which can cause similar issues. Metal free implants have negligible or zero amounts of native metal impurities in them.
  • While implants such as titanium are generally regarded to be safe, even if you don’t have any allergic reactions to the metals, some of the ions created could causes strong immune responses in the body. This could carry the risk of leading to other diseases.
  • If you already have mercury amalgam fillings or metal crowns, metal implants could start to function as electrodes. This works when tiny electrical currents areexchanged between the different metal bodies, with saliva and other substances in the mouth acting as electrolytes in between. 
  • The thin metal oxide layer which covers the outer surface of metal implants can become scratched over time through wear and tear. Unfortunately, this could cause titanium and other metals to come into contact with bone.

Please note, metal free implants have only become more widely used in recent years (first approved in Europe), so more evidence about their performance and benefits will become more apparent as results are measured over time.


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