Safe Mercury Removal

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal

Mercury-Free and Mercury Safe

The terms ‘mercury-free’ and ‘mercury safe’ can be ambiguous, making it confusing for patients to understand what it means for their dental treatments.They actually vary in meaning, so it’s essential to understand the differences.

Mercury free:

  • This term refers to the products used
  • A mercury-free dentist doesn’t use mercury or amalgam
  • This removes the risks associated with mercury amalgam fillings, including its continual release after placement, e.g. during activities such as brushing or clenching the teeth

Mercury safe:

  • This term refers to the practices used by your dentist when performing amalgam removals
  • Mercury vapour can be released during both the replacement and removal of amalgam fillings unless appropriate guidelines are followed
  • A mercury-safe dentist is trained in metal free dentistry, following strict procedures to prevent mercury exposure and contamination of the environment before, during or after the treatment

We offer both mercury free and mercury safe dentistry.

Our Amalgam Removal Policy

Unfortunately, the traditional techniques for replacing fillings shouldn’t be used for amalgam removals. If the common ‘drilling out’ method was used for this type of filling, it could release mercury vapour. Luckily, our experienced and trained dentists strictly use mercury safe policies in our practice, as recommended by the IAOMT.

This includes:

  • Using two specialist suction devices (the most important part of the protocol in our opinion) – these collect larger pieces of mercury removed while directing any mercury vapour directly towards an air filter
  • Utilising amalgam traps and mercury filters in our dental practice’s drainage systems to prevent environmental contamination
  • Sectioning amalgam to be removed into larger pieces
  • Using a non-latex dam to isolate the areas of the mouth receiving work (so you won’t swallow or come into contact with mercury particles)
  • Covering patients with disposable coverings to prevent any mercury landing on clothes
  • Wearing breathing masks which offer a clean air supply throughout, filtering out any mercury
  • Using activated charcoal or chlorella

We believe in affordable specialty healthcare for all.

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